Friday, 29 February 2008

wanted: 8 hours of sleep & 1 good elf

The elf is to clean my totally trashed home whilst I sleep. I  had almost 5 full hours and I feel improved. Sleeping on the couch with my boots still on. I can't sleep in bed til the sheets are washed,(they are germ-y, old fever sweat and icky poo) & Ive not had the stamina to do any laundry.  YET another new antibiotic today ! I awoke in another "sunburn" but also itch. Guess that wasnt fever but allergic reaction! Steroids must have subdued it a bit the other day. Took benadryl but already had codeine cough syrup in me. O it made me feel so nervous and weird in the mind! That was when I broke down and cried and cried, which only made me snottier and wheezier. Today they also added inhaler for the tight and wheezy airway. First they gave me a breathing treatment in the office and I can't believe how much easier breathing was *POOF*. What a relief.  That lasted about 5 hours and I slept most of it. JEM, thank you for being so willing to help and your loving concern. All the breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids and puffers you had in your younger years, now I know exactly what you went thru. Of course, I don't think you pee'd yourself every time you coughed. Another good reason why I need and elf to come and clean !!!!

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