Tuesday, 26 February 2008

elderly art

Here is another of my favorite paintings in my little home. I picked this up t a flea market for $5.00 and it has been priceless enjoyment. It was originally unframed & on the ground propped up against a folding table. I was drawn to the earthy hues & serene setting. Seems I have no middle ground with art. It's either serene and muted or bizarre and extreme. As Georgia O'Keefe would have said, this is a "dirty painting" referring to the muddiness of the colors.
It is very primitive and relaxed in it's brush strokes.
Fishing nets in still water, not much sense of movement. I placed it in this old frame and used an old tasseled curtain tie-back as a hanger. It looks wonderful and Ive had offers to sell it, but I wont.
It is signed & dated the same on both its front & back. The artist, Harry Workman, was 93 years old when he did this piece! God bless him. I hope I am doing this kind of work when I am 93 !

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