Friday, 22 February 2008

paper weight fantasy

I made this paperweight from a heavy vintage glass ashtray and clippings from vintage books.
My imagination filled with an idea of an explorer, a botanist, in the 1800's who sets out in search of unfounded herbs & plants that may be useful in curing plagues and other illnesses.
He ventures deep into thick, humid fauna of the South and in his search catches a glimpse of a being unknown, a woodland fairy darting about the camp.
He journals about this alien sighting and he himself becomes plagued, haunted if you will, by the sight of her for the rest of his days.
I had fun making this piece and although I wanted to keep it as natural as possible in it's images, I did add small amounts of glitter and a vintage rhinestone or two for fantasies sake. The enigmatic fairy is dressed in shells and her wings are real feathers. The back was filled after images were cut and pasted, then heavy cardboard covered with old barkcloth leaf fabric was affixed to the back for a "no scratch" surface.

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