Saturday, 2 February 2008

Reading is Romantic

I really enjoy reading but it can be quite a challenge for me at times. Vintage books are my first love for reading and I' ve managed to acquire quite a collection over the years. Forty-two alone are very old Shakespeare works and no two are of the same work. I have many classics and everything from "The Postman Always Rings Twice" to The Pickwick Papers. Vintage stories, wether fiction or non, are romantic to me. They are a trip to another place and another time. The images my mind brings about are far more appealing than the way things actually were because I can't really associate with life's hardships in those times, even though I know they existed. Just the daily inconveniences would be enough to make me sit down and cry. Yet, somehow, those times instill a deeper sense of passion and love.
I have quite a few old books with simply gorgeous covers that only add to their romantic sublimations. Reading old books, to me, are like living between the pages of Victoria magazine, the romantic side of inconvenient times. I'm going to look at some new ways to incorporate beautiful vintage books into art. I've got some wonderful ideas up my sleeve. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of finished projects in the future.

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