Friday, 29 February 2008

wanted: 8 hours of sleep & 1 good elf

The elf is to clean my totally trashed home whilst I sleep. I  had almost 5 full hours and I feel improved. Sleeping on the couch with my boots still on. I can't sleep in bed til the sheets are washed,(they are germ-y, old fever sweat and icky poo) & Ive not had the stamina to do any laundry.  YET another new antibiotic today ! I awoke in another "sunburn" but also itch. Guess that wasnt fever but allergic reaction! Steroids must have subdued it a bit the other day. Took benadryl but already had codeine cough syrup in me. O it made me feel so nervous and weird in the mind! That was when I broke down and cried and cried, which only made me snottier and wheezier. Today they also added inhaler for the tight and wheezy airway. First they gave me a breathing treatment in the office and I can't believe how much easier breathing was *POOF*. What a relief.  That lasted about 5 hours and I slept most of it. JEM, thank you for being so willing to help and your loving concern. All the breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids and puffers you had in your younger years, now I know exactly what you went thru. Of course, I don't think you pee'd yourself every time you coughed. Another good reason why I need and elf to come and clean !!!!

Thursday, 28 February 2008


eggs~fragile~eggs~eggs~ precious ~delicate~eggs~spring~restore~Easter~renew~

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

tagged by little glimpses

Ive been tagged by my talented friend, Mystele @  
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Iv'e never done this before so bear with me. I havent slept well for 5 days & am on quite a few Rx ,including narcotics today. hehehe. Here I go:
SeVeN 777 ThInGs ! 'bout  Darly
1). I live in a periwinkle & gingerbread house, renovated from a historic little house in a historic little village.
2). I am often sought after for my sense of humor. My humor is, for the most part, an acquired taste.
3). My 4 year old neighbor is a genius, according to his IQ scores, ( you can see him by going to and typing; four year old elements . in the search box.This will bring up his video reciting Tom Lehrer's elements.)
4). I have one son, Jem, and 3 nephews, (Louie, Dewy & Huey ).
5). I survived a nasty automobile accident at the age of 19 and almost 30 years later still have fears behind the wheel and aches, pains & some pretty icky looking scars.
6). My dear brother passed away at the age of 19. I was 17. He had neuro-spinal problems.
7). I have 2 younger sisters who are every bit as crazy as I am and my parents are both alive & well, thanks B2 GoD!
my seven favorite blogs to visit:

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

elderly art

Here is another of my favorite paintings in my little home. I picked this up t a flea market for $5.00 and it has been priceless enjoyment. It was originally unframed & on the ground propped up against a folding table. I was drawn to the earthy hues & serene setting. Seems I have no middle ground with art. It's either serene and muted or bizarre and extreme. As Georgia O'Keefe would have said, this is a "dirty painting" referring to the muddiness of the colors.
It is very primitive and relaxed in it's brush strokes.
Fishing nets in still water, not much sense of movement. I placed it in this old frame and used an old tasseled curtain tie-back as a hanger. It looks wonderful and Ive had offers to sell it, but I wont.
It is signed & dated the same on both its front & back. The artist, Harry Workman, was 93 years old when he did this piece! God bless him. I hope I am doing this kind of work when I am 93 !

Happy Birthdays Kelly & Runnie !

Wilst wallowing in me own copious pool of mucous, I nearly forgot to send out a big birthday greetings & luv hugs to me sisters, Kelly(Jelly on u belly) Ann & Runnie Diarrhea (aka Renae Lynn/ U no U like to play on the Nancy B). Hey youns guys, youre not getting older, youre getting wayyy cooler! Kelly 39 & Runnie 44 ??? Cant believe it! So glad Im the youngest. Runnie, my advice on the dangler you text me about; just Tuck(s) that bad-ass boy back up where he belong. And lil Kelly, with your self cannobolism , be good ta that thumb & index finger sister, they gotta last another 39 years or more. Save some thumb for 2051 ! Love, LOve, LOVE YOUNS GUYS !!!
Darly aka Daffney      
PS. Im sure I lost all the high class bloggers out there but, c'est la vie. What can I say? They are me Scotch-Irish sisters, (sorry u had to get the French name Renae). Can u say Hooray for Hycodan Syrup ?????

news from sick bay

Yet another antibiotic and concoctions. Fever today. My face broke out in fire engine RED and is still going strong. Carol, if youre reading this, I'm reporting off for tomorrow. Mom, if youre reading this, I AM alive but am afraid I don't smell very good.
And on a more positive note, lets all Think Spring !!!

Monday, 25 February 2008

ah choo

Hamlet wont come inside. I think he's frightened by my continual sneezing & wheezing. He just gives me this paranormal glance like he has a 6th sense. O geeze. I hope he's not one of those pets who can smell approaching death. No wonder. I have not cleaned up after myself since I got sick. There are dirty tissues & dishes as far as the eye can see. The neighbors can probably smell death. 

Does this staircase look five miles high to you? It feels like it to me. Ive never wheezed before or been short of breath. Back to the doc. Scared up some Prednisone I had left over from a "two series of steriods , heres an injection to start and don't forget your antibiotics & pain pills" case of Poison Ivy I had in 2006.My arms looked like those of a rapidly decomposing Popeye. Hmm, memories. Well, the exp. date says they are good 'til March 2008. Is the god of ironical shining down on me or what ?