Sunday, 24 February 2008

Indoor Garden

My indoor gardening skills pretty much stink in the winter. I don't know why but, I just let my plants to fend for themselves once the weather turns cold. Winter blahs I guess.
I don't have anything special . Some thyme and other herbs in the kitchen, then it's just philodendrons , ferns and the like with the exception of my begonias. er, um, what WERE my begonias.
I was disappointed with myself when I discovered I'd let this guy go. He is one of my Rex begonias and, when healthy ,(& the plant has more than one lonely leaf on it !), it is  spectacular crimson red due to the fine wooly red hairs that cover it. I am going to try and nurse him back. He was a bushy thing last summer *sigh*
This little fella has managed to do only tiny bit better. He is also a Rex but a different type. His leaves will continue to curl around on themselves, forming a nautilus like spiral. He gets a bronze tint to his leaves. I had the begonias out in my studio room and forgot all about them. They've been by the cold window and without water for to long. Time to see how much green is left in me wee Scotch-Irish thumb.

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