Wednesday, 27 February 2008

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Ive been tagged by my talented friend, Mystele @  
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Iv'e never done this before so bear with me. I havent slept well for 5 days & am on quite a few Rx ,including narcotics today. hehehe. Here I go:
SeVeN 777 ThInGs ! 'bout  Darly
1). I live in a periwinkle & gingerbread house, renovated from a historic little house in a historic little village.
2). I am often sought after for my sense of humor. My humor is, for the most part, an acquired taste.
3). My 4 year old neighbor is a genius, according to his IQ scores, ( you can see him by going to and typing; four year old elements . in the search box.This will bring up his video reciting Tom Lehrer's elements.)
4). I have one son, Jem, and 3 nephews, (Louie, Dewy & Huey ).
5). I survived a nasty automobile accident at the age of 19 and almost 30 years later still have fears behind the wheel and aches, pains & some pretty icky looking scars.
6). My dear brother passed away at the age of 19. I was 17. He had neuro-spinal problems.
7). I have 2 younger sisters who are every bit as crazy as I am and my parents are both alive & well, thanks B2 GoD!
my seven favorite blogs to visit:

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