Monday, 25 February 2008

ah choo

Hamlet wont come inside. I think he's frightened by my continual sneezing & wheezing. He just gives me this paranormal glance like he has a 6th sense. O geeze. I hope he's not one of those pets who can smell approaching death. No wonder. I have not cleaned up after myself since I got sick. There are dirty tissues & dishes as far as the eye can see. The neighbors can probably smell death. 

Does this staircase look five miles high to you? It feels like it to me. Ive never wheezed before or been short of breath. Back to the doc. Scared up some Prednisone I had left over from a "two series of steriods , heres an injection to start and don't forget your antibiotics & pain pills" case of Poison Ivy I had in 2006.My arms looked like those of a rapidly decomposing Popeye. Hmm, memories. Well, the exp. date says they are good 'til March 2008. Is the god of ironical shining down on me or what ?

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