Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Happy Birthdays Kelly & Runnie !

Wilst wallowing in me own copious pool of mucous, I nearly forgot to send out a big birthday greetings & luv hugs to me sisters, Kelly(Jelly on u belly) Ann & Runnie Diarrhea (aka Renae Lynn/ U no U like to play on the Nancy B). Hey youns guys, youre not getting older, youre getting wayyy cooler! Kelly 39 & Runnie 44 ??? Cant believe it! So glad Im the youngest. Runnie, my advice on the dangler you text me about; just Tuck(s) that bad-ass boy back up where he belong. And lil Kelly, with your self cannobolism , be good ta that thumb & index finger sister, they gotta last another 39 years or more. Save some thumb for 2051 ! Love, LOve, LOVE YOUNS GUYS !!!
Darly aka Daffney      
PS. Im sure I lost all the high class bloggers out there but, c'est la vie. What can I say? They are me Scotch-Irish sisters, (sorry u had to get the French name Renae). Can u say Hooray for Hycodan Syrup ?????

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