Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Pretty Pasta

I pulled out a bag of pretty pasta from the cupboard tonight and made my favorite simple but delicious quick pasta dish.
               Some feta cheese, real butter, whole garlic, extra virgin olive oil,(evoo) & spices to taste.
Boiled & drained the pasta. Melted down the butter and added finely chopped garlic til infused then whisked in some evoo. Drizzled the butter mixture over top of pasta. Coarsely crumbled handfuls of feta cheese to crown the heap and then gently tossed altogether. This butter & oil sauce is perfect because not only does it have super flavor but it allows you the colorful eye candy of the rainbow pasta. You know what ? It was so divine it was gone before I thought to snap a picture of the finished dish! Oh well, it was good to the proverbial last bite.

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