Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Decorating with dolls

I know it sounds a bit childish or tacky but I adore it. Nothing is more delightful to me than bits and pieces of whimsy tucked in unexpected places.
I had collected some old dolls over the past several years from various flea markets and thrift stores. I was not a doll person and had no idea of why or what for them. They cost no more than a few dollars each so, I bought them.
After I had moved into the cottage a few years ago, I came across an unmarked box of dolls. I began placing them in nooks, in cupboards and on shelves. Not overdone but as small, sporadic *pops!* of enchantment.
The outcome was  surprising. I even placed one or two in the kitchen and, as odd as it sounds, they look simply charming. I had always been one to turn my nose up at adults displaying dolls. I guess what I didn't care for so much was the typical ways I had seen them displayed. Changing my way of seeing dolls and using my taste in placement created a much sought after look in whimsical cottage decor.

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